Garage Storage Ideas That Will Inspire The Handyperson In You

2022-08-31 08:38:27 By : Ms. Alyssa Zhao

The extra space in the garage is quite versatile; for some homeowners, the garage is an extra guest room, a creative studio, or even a workshop for some light handy work. However, in contrast with all the other spaces in the house, the garage can be the hardest to organize because of a few reasons. First, the garage is often a dumping site for random, awkwardly shaped objects. Also, no one really hangs around the garage; therefore, there is no urge to tidy up the space. Nonetheless, organizing a garage is necessary not only to keep the space neat but also to locate items easily, especially if you are a handyman. 

Keeping your tools within reach will help you complete your tasks efficiently and not waste time looking for them for hours on end. Before you even consider organizing your garage, you need to think about what is in there and whether you need it or not (via Flowwall). Dump everything that is a waste of space and think of finding a home for the remainder of the items. For anything you decide to keep, here are a few garage storage ideas you can borrow a leaf from.

Garden tools should be in a location where they are easily accessible whenever needed. Consider installing a DIY wall mount for your garden rake, hose pipe, and a few others items. Hanging them on the wall will prevent anyone from tripping over them when left on the floor.

The space in the garage is never enough. If you are looking for a workstation that can also allow for more space whenever necessary, consider this rolling table. Pull it away from the wall when you need to get work done and, just as easily, slide it back whenever you need more space in the garage.

Your handy tools need not take up all the space in your garage. You can DIY a wooden workstation with a few drawers and plenty of hooks for easy storage and retrieval. Also, consider bringing in a comfortable stool for your convenience when working.

Making use of a single wall to store all your tools and other equipment leaves the rest of the garage open for your vehicle and other items. This also allows you to consolidate most of your handyman equipment to a specific spot in the garage.

Are you tired of misplacing your screwdrivers every time? This DIY wooden wall rack is what you need. Mount it on a wall on the working station in your garage and you will never have to worry about losing screwdrivers ever again.

Your woodworking power equipment deserves a better place than the garage floor. Customize a floating wall mount that not only provides storage but also doubles as a safe charging spot whenever the equipment is not in use.

Contrary to popular belief, you can find good use for both mason and plastic jars in locations other than the kitchen. Jars with a lid provide storage for small pieces of hardware. Also, arranging the jars on shelves on a wall makes the entire place look neat and organized.

If you have numerous items in your garage, a simple organization hack is to pack similar objects in containers and store them away on shelves or compartments on the wall. This leaves the garage clutter-free with plenty of space to spare.

Having a mudroom in the garage where you can store small garden equipment and gear is very convenient. You can quickly change into your garden outfit and grab whatever tool you need right from the same spot. Throw down a rug to add some style to the space, as demonstrated above.

A pegboard is a versatile and customizable storage device that will bring a lot of organization to your garage. It is not only cheap but can be installed right inside the garage on any wall. Depending on the quality, you can safely hang equipment of different weights.

Tool chests are made of tough plastics and are meant to protect fragile items in the garage from damage. Another reason why you should consider using tool chests for storage is that they look organized when arranged on shelves.

Long pieces of wood can pose a challenge when it comes to storage. The best place to safely store such objects is high up on a wall close to the ceiling. This leaves enough room on the ground for smaller items.

Ladders are frequently used items at home and need to be stored in locations that provide easy retrieval. Hanging ladders on the wall of the garage not only makes them accessible but also prevents anyone from tripping over them.

Mounting a magnetic wall rack for hanging small metallic tools is not only sleek but also quite practical. This is especially true for smaller items that you use frequently in repairing and servicing equipment. You can install as many magnetic strips as you want, depending on your needs.

Storing frequently used items on open shelves makes them easy to access. This particular open shelf takes up little space since it is mounted on the wall. It will be more functional and convenient if you install it by the door.

Building shelves inside the garage walls is a great way of making sure the garage is clutter-free. Instead of dumping everything in one dark corner, an inbuilt shelf gives you several compartments where you can tuck away different items and create even more space.

One storage hack for a handyman's garage is to keep related equipment together. To give you some perspective, the lawnmower and other related tools are in one place in the garage above. This makes it easier for you to assemble the equipment necessary for a given task.

If you have concrete walls in your garage that are not conducive to hanging shelving units, consider installing standalone metallic shelving units instead. They are sturdy enough and come in different sizes depending on your individual needs.

If you love DIY projects, go ahead and assemble a fully-fledged workshop in your garage. The empty walls in your garage will provide additional storage for your workshop tools. Also, consider bringing in one or two rolling working stations that can be moved out of the way if you need to clear up some space.

Building your own garage wooden storage crates is a great DIY project that will help keep this space neat and organized. If you don't already have a shelving unit, this is the perfect excuse to get out your tools and build the storage that you might need.