Wood carving CNC router Woodworking CNC router

Wood Carving CNC Router Woodworking CNC RouterMain Parameter Introduction: Machine Dimension870*640*540mm(L*W*H)Workbench Dimension770*480*145mm(L*W*T)Frame MaterialFull kit with 6061 aluminum processingEffecting CuttingX axis: 385mm, Y axis: 585mm, Z axis: 120mmMaximum thickness of workpiece≤135mm(gap between

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Wood Carving CNC Router Woodworking CNC Router

Main Parameter Introduction:
Machine Dimension870*640*540mm(L*W*H)
Workbench Dimension770*480*145mm(L*W*T)
Frame MaterialFull kit with 6061 aluminum processing
Effecting CuttingX axis: 385mm, Y axis: 585mm, Z axis: 120mm
Maximum thickness of workpiece≤135mm(gap between workbench and the bottom of Z axis)
Slide UnitX axis: ø20 high-intensity circular orbit
Y axis:  SBR20 high-intensity lead rail of aluminum base
Z axis: ø12 high-intensity circular orbit
Drive UnitX axis: SFU1605 ball screw
Y axis: SFU1605 ball screw
Z axis: SFU1204 ball screw
Stepper Motor57 mode, 3A two-phase stepping motor(come with handwheel)
Stepper Motor Drive0~3.5A 4 axis driver can be adjusted(TB6560AHQ chip, 24V power supply, 2,4,8 and 16 segment can be set, factory reset: 8 segment)
Stepper Motor Drive Power SupplyAC110-220V, 240W, Output: DC24V10A
Max Air Line Speed1500mm per min
Cutting Speed50-1500mm per min(set corresponding speed according different materials)
Standard Spindle1500W High-speed Converter Spindle, ER11 collet, 6mm core
Rotate Speed0-24000r/min
Repositioning Resolution≤0.05mm
Spindle AccuracyCircular runout ≤0.03mm
Cooling MethodWater cooling, equipped with cooling submersible pump
ConverterAV220V, 1500W, 0-400Hz(built-in control box)
Carving InstructionG code/TAB file/nc file/NCC file
Acceptable SoftwareMach3, EMC2
Electric ProtectionEmergency Stop Button
Communication InterfaceUSB port to computer
Software EnvironmentWindows XP 32 bite, Windows 7 32 bite
Input VoltageAC220V(Custom-made AC110V)
Bare Engraver Net Weight72.5Kg
Full Kit Gross Weight76.5Kg(including package)


1. CE approved and design patent

2. Ball Screw: High efficient

3. Round rail: High repositioning precision

4. Changsheng Spindle:Strong power and low noise

5. Stepping motor: high reliability, high torque at low speeds

6. Water cooling: High cooling efficiency is suiting for long working time

Wood Carving CNC Router Woodworking CNC Router                                        
Wood Carving CNC Router Woodworking CNC Router

Upgraded optional :

a. Rotating axis: rotating head and Tailstock 

b. water sink with water jet pipe

c. 1500W/2200W spindle and 1500/2200W Variable-frequency Drive (VFD)

Wood Carving CNC Router Woodworking CNC RouterWood Carving CNC Router Woodworking CNC Router


Wood Carving CNC Router Woodworking CNC Router


1. Woodworking products processing: MDF, wooden door, screens, art craft wood window fan, solid wood furniture, cabinet products processing, etc.

2. Advertising industry: engraving and cutting on acrylic, foam board, advertising sign, logo sign, advertising decorative products, including 3D cutout letters, dimensional signs, and beautiful print-to-cut designs, LED display screen, etc.

3. Molding industry: engraving on aluminum, copper/brass, plastic, wood material, circuit board, etc.

4. Other industries: The engraver could do shadow-carved, sculpture which widely used in the gift industry; can be used in aluminum cutting industry,such as aluminum, aluminum-plastic plate, aluminum honeycomb panels, aluminum, 3D engraving process, Artificial plate, cutting LED and neon letter , making plastic light box model; also can engrave on acrylic, copper, PVC board, artificial stone, MDF board, and other metal sheet.

Sample show:

Wood Carving CNC Router Woodworking CNC Router
Wood Carving CNC Router Woodworking CNC Router
Wood Carving CNC Router Woodworking CNC Router
Wood Carving CNC Router Woodworking CNC Router

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1. Delivery time

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